How to Start a Chicken and Chips Business in Nigeria


This is one book you need to read before venturing into the Chicken and Chips Business. It’s written by the Founder of PukenaFoods, an avid lover of Chicken and Chips and a top griller himself.

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So you want to start a Chicken and Chips Business? Great decision…

Before you start, make sure you study this short ebook. It contains all the information you need to start this business.

Here are the areas covered:

  • Equipment you need for the business
  • Ingredients/Sauce that makes for a better taste
  • How to choose the best location or even start from home.
  • How to make your Chicken and Chips- All the ingredients and methods
  • The best packaging for your chicken and Chips
  • How to market your Chicken and Chips business to get no less than 100 orders per day
  • How to leverage on home delivery to make more sales
  • The Money: How to make atleast N100k daily from Chicken and Chips Business
  • And many more tips

Starting this business is easy. The secret is in the right recipe and location. In this ebook, I will show you how to get these two just right.


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